Time Management

Time management. We hear it all the time... 

"You need to manage your time better." 

"You need to schedule better." 

"Why do I not have enough time?" 

"There is not enough time in the day." 

How do we make these statements go away? TIME MANAGEMENT! 

Being a dancer, teacher, and owner of a business I do tend to find myself hearing and stating to myself these comments about not having enough time. One thing I have learned is I need to manage my time much better and I am still learning how to do that. It is something that sounds so easy but it is actually not that easy when having to manage it. Here are a few steps to help you make the best out of your day! 




What are your priorities for that day, week, or month? Figure out what is most important for you to get done on that day. If there is something you should be doing every day then made sure you write that down in your schedule every day and make time for that. If there is something that has to be done once a week also make a specific day for that and do not allow anything else to take its place. Once you get your priorities straight then scheduling them will not be as hard


Schedule Your Day


This is the hard part. Most Olympic athletes have their days scheduled down to the minutes. There is no time to waste and if you are as regimented as them then you will agree. You should have your week scheduled in advance... at least 2-3 days minimum. It is very important to stick with this plan and try to not change it throughout the week. If you are a dance teacher this is super hard, I feel like my schedule changes like crazy because of all the cancellations and rescheduling. The only thing that shouldn't move on a dancers schedule is practice. That's where we get to priorities. I find that one to be very hard because we need money to dance and of course we don't want to say no to lessons even though we have our practice booked at that time. I think it is important to book practice and DO NOT change it. If a student asks for that time try to explain the circumstances and give them plenty of other options to choose from. It's very hard to practice when it is getting moved around constantly. So importantly you must schedule your day far in advance and try not to change things around last minute.




When you're late you throw off your schedule and also the people around you. I always teach my lessons back to back without even a minute in between. There is nothing that I hate more than when I am late. It throws off my schedule and now I am late for the rest of my lessons. Make sure you gave yourself enough time to drive to each location so you will not be late. Even if you show up 30 minutes early, its better to be early than late! Take into consideration the other people you affect when you are late. 




If you only gave yourself one hour for the gym then use that whole hour for the GYM. There is nothing worse than to lollygag. Don't go talking to everyone who passes you and do not check Facebook or Instagram consistently at that time. You only have an hour for that activity to need to go all in or don't put that in your schedule at all. If you are not efficient in the things that you put in your schedule then maybe it is not worth being in your schedule. Please remember to not over schedule yourself. You are just a human, not a robot. If you feel like you are not being efficient because you are tired or drained, please take a good look at your schedule and make sure you have at least 1-2 days of rest. Rest means doing absolutely no work, gym, or practice. It is VERY important for your body to receive the rest to refuel and recover the body. The more efficient you are the more you make out of your time and the better results you get in that time you took for that activity. 


Time management is super important and should be taken seriously. If you think this article has hit the nail on the head for you please comment below and also let me know your concerns and maybe if you have any other situations that come up during your daily life as a dancer that you would like to be answered!


Thanks for reading!