How To Get Inspired

Do you ever feel down in the dumps? Maybe you feel like you don't want to do anything, even things that before you could do for hours with no questions asked. Well, maybe you are just uninspired. Here are some signs that you are uninspired: 

  1. Feeling always tired. 
  2. Feeling unmotivated.
  3. Feeling unchallenged. 
  4. Feeling anxious. 
  5. You're distracted.
  6. Not sure of your priorities.
  7. Undisciplined in actions and regimens.
  8. Unengaged to what you are doing. 

These signs could be because you are not inspired or motivated. These are also signs of major things like depression. So please if you have these signs and they worsen over a period of time please speak to someone or a doctor. 

Sometimes you go through periods in your life where you feel these symptoms. You know you are not motivated and you are stuck in it because you don't know how to motivate yourself. Below I have listed some things which work for me and some other people to. These can help you. as they say, get the ball rollin'. 


Write down your goals and priorities 

Unknown 10.02.20 AM.jpeg

Sometimes seeing things on paper helps you realize what are your true priorities and goals. When seeing those things written down it might spark something in your brain or heart to want to achieve that more. If it doesn't, sit on it, make another list in a few days and see if that certain thing still belongs there. If not then put it at the bottom of your list and stash it away somewhere. You never know, it might be at the top of your list later. 


Rest or recharge your body and brain 


You may be burnt after a week straight of work and whatever activities you do.  Maybe it's your brain telling you to STOP! I know when I had a week straight of work I need one full day to recharge or the next week will be torcher. Give yourself a full day of NOTHING. Sit on that couch and binge watch your fav show on Netflix. 


Go to the gym


Or do the opposite. If you have been moping around like a couch potato. GET OUT! Go for a walk, go for a swim, or bang out a good gym sesh. Trust me you will feel so much better when you just sweat it all out. 


Go fully quite or crank up the music!


Depending on the type of person you are then you can do either one of these. For me personalty I NEED music in my life. Doesn't matter what music it is as long as I got my Beats on and I am feeling the vibe, I will suddenly get so much inspiration,specially for costumes/practice wear designs. Crazy right? 


Never stop learning


It could be about anything. Do some research on something. I look up the most random things and read articles about it. It keeps your brain working in a different way and that might spark up an idea or maybe lead you in a different direction to things you never thought about. Maybe read up on history if you want to get some style inspiration. 


I hope this at least helps someone who feels a little down and unmotivated. Like I said at the beginning of this blog  If you feel these symptoms and they do not subside please see a doctor or speak to someone. These are also beginning signs of depression. 

I hope you enjoyed. Please comment below what you think and if this helped.   




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