Top 5 favorite competition products

Getting ready for a competition can be a bit stressful and a bit overwhelming. I have decided to list my top 5 competition products that easily get me through my pre-comp jitters. 



I used to use Aery Jo and other "day of" tanning products but I found no matter how long I let it dry or how I apply it, it always seemed to get all over the dress and all over my partner..... All I can remember is UK 2018, the competition with my first ever bright orange VESA dress with dark brown tanner down the whole front of the dress 30 minutes before we were about to dance. What a stressful competition day that was!!!! After that, I vowed to never wear "day of" tanner again. I thought to try to get myself as tan as I can with just a spray tan. I may not be the tanist on the floor but I will defiantly not look dirty. I found the most amazing spray tan which gets me super dark in two uses. The spray tan I use is South Seas VICTORY™ COMPETITION SOLUTION. This product is great. It gets me super dark in 2 uses. You can buy it online at . 


Aero Tan Shimmer Powder

When the 'Sexy Spray' as we all called it..... it was actually called 'Sex Symbol' spray, was no longer being sold I thought my days of no blotchy tanner was OVER! One competition, I went to Bobby's booth 'DanZworld' to check out some new tanning products and he showed me his new shimmer powder and I instantly fell in love. It is an amazing product, the right amount of shimmer, the perfect color, and dark enough to cover any spray tan mishaps. I found that the product rubbed off quite easily because of its powdery form so one day I decided to make a little "soup" with the powder and water and it was the most amazing decision I ever made. It stays on the whole competition and it's so easy to apply. I love to use it on those problem white spots (on the back of my neck and behind my ears)! Make sure you tan EVERYWHERE! It kills me when a girl looks so beautifully tannned with white feet! You can buy this product at




Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick

My "go to" foundation is this Bobbi Brown Stick foundation. It isn't orange and is the right amount of coverage. There is nothing worse then orangey cakey foundation while you are sweating like a beast with all very hot lights on the competition floor! I swipe the stick all over my face and take a damp beauty blender and dab it till it is all even throughout my face. DON'T forget to go slightly down your neck! You can buy this product at


Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray

I don't think I know a competitive dancer who doesn't carry around a bottle of hairspray with them during the competition day and I definitely don't know a competitive dancer who isn't constantly spraying their hair ALL DAY LONG. The more I spray the more I feel confident that my hair will stay in tack when I am on the floor. The best hairspray for this job is called "Silhouette" by Schwarzkopf. Best way to harden your hair with this spray is to use a blow drier. Step one, spray your hair till you feel like its too much and then spray a little more. Step two, use blow drier on low with medium heat till it's dry and as hard as a helmet... Great for the floor but horrible to wash out!  I am not sure where you can buy this product in the if anyone knows PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know the easiest way, besides in booths at competitions, where to get this magical spray!




International Dance Shoe Sliders 

I absolutely love these! I always walked around in socks or slippers because I was afraid of ruining my tanning if I slipped on a pair of sneakers. These sliders are so comfortable, plus now I can wear normal shoes when going to the competition and not to mention they are made by my absolute favorite shoe brand. The only downer is they started off white and now after 2 comps they are brown... and getting tanner off of anything, in general, is SO hard! You can purchase this product at



Thanks for reading! I hope these five products will help ease that competition stress and make your day more comfortable. Please comment below on any questions or if you would like for me to write about something you always wanted to know!