Our Story

Hello all readers! It is Amanda here, owner of A&A Practice Wear and this is our first blog post. I am so excited to share with you all things about ballroom dancing. Throughout our journey, I will write about our practice wear plans, some tips about ballroom dancing practice, competition, and beauty. I hope you enjoy our blogs. Please comment below with questions and inquiries! 


This is how it all began...


It started as a small idea over dinner with Andriy & I and slowly built into a reality. It seemed quite impossible at first until we had a great idea to ask Alexsandr & Alena. Given our friendship history, great business skills, and an added plus that their names both start with an "A", we felt this would create us to be a strong and stable company in both the Latin and Standard world of ballroom dancing. We decided the name "A&A" because of obvious reasons. Then we decided to add "Limited Edition" because we came up with the idea to be a seasonal practice wear line. That means that every season we come out with a new line for both men, women, and children. Once all stock is sold out of the previous season than it will not be restocked and sold anymore, hence the "Limited Edition". Of course, I know what your thinking... "That's a bit stupid. What if there is a very popular item which most people like and would buy even if it was always in season". Well, we never said it couldn't come back! ;)  I feel it is a great way to keep it always fresh and also keeps you individual because only so many people could buy each item. All four of us are equally involved in every process of the business. Everything you see on the website we thought out and designed ourselves. Every one of us has different visions of how practice wear should look and feel and I think that's what makes our company so unique. 


One of our major reasons for making this practice wear line was more about clientele finance and the importance of practicing in PRACTICE WEAR! Unfortunately, a lot of great practice wear lines are expensive. I feel it is great to invest in one expensive custom dress for lessons but what about everyday practice??? I was always buying cheap dresses off of the H&M sales rack and I know all the boys do the same thing with t-shirts. Those cheap clothes after 2-4 washes always rip or just get worn out looking and you end up buying more and spending more money in the end. I wanted to create a practice wear line which was affordable for all dancers so they can have something to wear for all their practices. It is great to already hear back from many customers that they are impressed by the quality and how they love that they can buy a few items so they can have something for each day of practice. 


We hope you will enjoy our new website and enjoy our blogs about everything ballroom. I will make blogs about glam, practice, competitions, and situations you may encounter as a ballroom dancer. I hope you enjoy these blogs! Please feel free to comment below about anything you would like to hear about, any questions or concerns you may have. 


Thank you for reading!